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COVID-19 Plan of Action


Howdy Camp Lone Star Family!

We know that when things seem bleak and when we face challenges, that means Satan is working hard. But here’s the truth—God is working harder and is on the throne now and forever. As we continue through the effects of this pandemic, we believe that this ministry of Camp Lone Star is needed now more than ever. Camp is that intentional community and conduit through which Jesus transforms lives. By Faith we continue to move forward day by day.

The following is our action plan regarding Summer 2020. This plan includes:

• DECISION TIMELINE: An update regarding decisions for each camp session.
• HEALTH & SAFETY PLAN: Our plan to follow guidelines and regulations as influenced by the CDC.
• MEASURES FOR DECISIONS: The measures we must achieve in order to be able to hold summer camp sessions.
• CANCELLATION OPTIONS: Your options if a camp session is canceled.
• FINANCIAL REALITIES: The financial realities camp currently faces and how you can help.

Plan updated July 06, 2020.


Decision Timeline (UPDATE: we are a go!)

We remain committed to following Texas Gov. Abbott’s Open Texas standard health protocols for summer camp operations. We have been diligent in following our Health & Safety Plan which was approved by our regional health department, county judge, and emergency management chief. During our staff training, our staff were quarantined on-site with none of them showing symptoms in the two-week period prior to campers arriving. Using the screening guidelines in accordance with the Governor’s Health Protocols for youth camps, we have had to turn away campers and send some home. Please visit our Latest Updates page for updates on the COVID-19 situation here at Camp Lone Star.


Health & Safety Plan

Camper, guest and staff safety is of utmost importance to us here at Camp Lone Star. In an effort to reduce the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing the following safety plan. Many of these are procedures we have always been, and will continue to be, committed to; some procedures we are enhancing to reduce risk; and a few are newly implemented in an effort to be a part of the solution to COVID-19.

  • Following the Guidelines
    Our staff are daily updating our health care procedures based on the most recent guidelines to care for our campers and guests. We are committed to tirelessly communicating these recommendations and guidelines with you as soon as we possibly can. If a camper comes in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, within two weeks of their camp session, then that camper will unfortunately not be able to attend that session. Even if the camper receives a negative COVID test, but it has not been two weeks since contact with a confirmed positive case, there is still a chance that symptoms could develop. In this case, for the safety of your camper and others, we ask that you reschedule your camp session.
  • Medical Professional on Staff
    Camp Lone Star has a 24/7 licensed Summer Medical Coordinator and weekly assistant. Additionally, we have licensed Registered Nurses on call to advise our summer medic team.
  • Hand Hygiene
    The #1 defense against any communicable disease is clean hands. Campers and staff will wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. They will wash hands before and after each meal, activity, and throughout the day. Counselors will keep hand sanitizer with them at all times.
  • Proactive Screening for Safety
    We will be conducting proactive health screening by conducting a temperature check and questionnaire upon arrival for registration. In addition to pre-screening for safety at the start of each camp session, we will have continual screening during your child’s stay at Camp Lone Star. By screening for illness, we are hoping to create the healthiest and safest environment possible so our campers can have the best week of their summer.
  • Keeping it Clean
    We are diligently using a quad-sanitizing disinfectant on all mattresses, bed frames, cabinets, broom handles, doorknobs, light switches, desks, water fountains, bathrooms and showers, and everything else we can. We are also mopping floors and cleaning carpets with a quad-disinfecting cleaner. We are also increasing our regular dining hall and kitchen and equipment cleaning and sanitization.
  • Adapting Camp Activities
    We recognize that some of the social distancing standards are not conducive for some of the staple camp activities. As a result, we will be modifying or temporarily discontinuing some of our closer-proximity activities while maintaining an adventurous, fun and safe experience. We will put in place procedures and training for our staff to educate campers on how to safely participate in our modified camp activities.

For a more detailed description of our health and safety plan, and to see what we are doing to keep campers safe, click below:


Measures for Decisions (UPDATE: We have 3 out of 4 green checks marks)

The leadership of Camp Lone Star has determined 4 key measures that must be met in order to run summer camp sessions. These measures include:

Measure 1: Group Gathering Regulations
State regulations limiting size and type of group gatherings must relax to the point of allowing large group gatherings and minimal social distancing.
Measure 2: Operational Regulations
Additional state and local guidelines regarding camps must be such that we can safely comply without significantly compromising our ability to “do camp”.
Measure 3: Camper/Staff Care
We must be able to follow Health Department requirements in both the prevention of on-site infections as well as our quarantine procedures in the event of a suspected case of COVID-19.
Measure 4: Camp Logistics
We must be confident in our ability to buy necessary supplies, plan required program changes, enact new procedures, have the support of our summer staff team, and have camp ready to “go” within a relatively short time frame.

For a more detailed description of each checkpoint, and to learn the steps we are taking towards each one, click below:



Canceled Session Options

If at all possible, please wait until AFTER we have made an announcement about your camp session to cancel and/or request a refund.

If your session is canceled, we will send you an email with a form to complete telling us how to process your registration payment. You will have the following options:

  • Donate-donate your registration payment to support camp.
  • Refund and Donate-take a partial refund and make a partial donation of your registration payment.
  • Full Refund-receive a full refund of your registration payment.

In making this choice, we’re asking for your help. Summer session cancelations could be crippling to Camp Lone Star and our ability to serve you and our camp family moving forward. If you have the ability to support camp by donating your full summer balance, please do so.

If your financial circumstances mean you need your registration fee refunded, we completely understand and will do so.

Cancelation Response Form


Financial Realities

Please be praying for Camp Lone Star as we navigate the impact this pandemic is having on our ministry. We have already lost income from guest group cancellations this spring and are facing the possibility of losing income for all or part of the summer. We want to ensure camp is able to survive this current crisis and arrives on the other side with the ability to continue to provide the programs and ministry people love.

In the spirit of transparency, we want to make you aware of the financial realities of the current situation:

  • Reality #1
    Summer revenue makes up 43% of our annual income. This revenue is key to our ability to do ministry throughout the whole year.

  • Reality #2
    If we refund all our summer camp registrations, we will be in a hole that will be very difficult to pull out of without significant changes to our ministry. The very best thing you can do is to donate your full registration balance to camp if your program is cancelled.
  • Reality #3
    Our past actions have positioned us to weather storms, and we are currently doing everything we can to minimize expenses, but the potential impact of this pandemic could put us in a very precarious financial situation.
  • Reality #4
    God has provided Camp Lone Star with amazing support and a tremendous group of supporters over the years. We firmly believe that with continued action and strong support from our camp family we can weather this storm and continue to be a place for all to experience Christ-centered adventures, spiritual growth, inspiration, and recreation for years to come.

Please give to camp in whatever way you are able. If you would like to learn more about our current financial situation, click below:



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